C. Walker Cross was the eldest child of Elias George Cross and Florence Hoxer Cross. The Crosses and Hoxers were early Ogden, Utah pioneers. Walker learned the motel business and a love of the outdoors from his father. Both father and son spent years together in business and shared time afield, hunting and fishing throughout the Mountain West. Through this Walker learned to appreciate the outdoors and wanted to help preserve it for generations to come.

His formal education was interrupted by his having to become involved in the famliy business, but he still recognized the value and importance of education and encouraged the pursuit of it as one of the keys to a successful life.

Walker's astute business acumen made him successful in the fields of motels and real estate. He was fun loving, hard working and desired to help the world become a better place. This Foundation is his legacy.


The Cross Charitable Foundation is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, scientific, and other non-profit purposes, including, but not limited to:

• Assisting organizations actively engaged in promoting education to enable our youth to become productive, contributing members of our society;

• Assisting those organizations actively engaged in assisting the homeless and the oppressed;

• Assisting those organizations actively engaged in promoting the conservation and preservation of our wildlife in our country and the world;

• Assisting those organizations actively promoting conservation of the environment, with particular emphasis on conserving wildlife habitat and wildlife migratory routes; and

• Assisting those organizations promoting the health, care, and welfare of dogs, including the training of dogs to assist and benefit in improving the quality of life for humans and other animals.

Board of Directors:
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Chuck Folland- President Ph:(208)351-3397
Rex Child- Vice-President Ph: (801)782-9743
Ryan Kirkham- Vice-President Ph: (208)313-6006
Carol H. Gonnella- Secretary Ph: (307)690-8805
John R. Clark- Treasurer Ph: (406)585-3393


Applications received by August 1st, annually
Notification of approval or rejection by Nov. 1
Grants paid out in October - November

All Applications must be submitted online.

Online Grant Application Click to go to the online application form

President's Report (In .PDF Format)

Cross Charitable Foundation
P.O. Box 1789
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